Clutch Relining

Taj Motor Store relines any kind, size or type of clutche for all vehicles type. The relinig service include removal of old linings, surface cleaning and mounting new lining using either reviting or bonding process. Taj Motor Store uses high quality of clutch facing friction material to fit on clutch plates to provide long live clutch use.

How it works?

Clutch is one of the important parts in a car especially in a manual transmission, as it joins gearbox with engine. Cars that mostly run in high traffic or bumper to bumper traffice conditions have high chances of clutch wear and tear.

Clutch slippage, shuddering, problem in shifting gears or chirpy noise are one of the common signs that your car clutch needs attention and your clutch lining have worn out. If buying new clutch is expensive or not possible then relining exiting clutch plate is the best alternative available.

Taj Motor Store carries stock of all sizes of clutch facings to be used in relining process. This not only limited to cars but also for industrial machines.

Please contact us to discuss your brake shoe or pads relining requirements, we will strive to provide you optimal solution.