Brake Lining Bonding Adhesive

Taj Motor Store offers high quality binder that joins friction material with brake shoes and brake pads. It is the choice for composite friction materials: the pads, linings, discs and adhesives used in brake & clutch systems that create retarding or holding forces with application against a moving part.

This adhesive is in liquid form which gets harden and solidifies upon heating, providing strong bond between metal body and brake lining. Once hardened, the adhesive provides enough binding force to keep brake lining and brake shoe/brake pad metal body joined together.

High Temperature Performance:

A key characteristic of thermoset adhesive is its ability to withstand high temperature under mechanical load with minimum deformation. That is, it provides the rigidity necessary to maintain stability even under severe conditions. Since brake shoes and pads provide friction against rotating brake drum and disc under under high temperature conditions. For this reason, binder meets the challenges of high temperature environments in demanding applications such as friction in automotive brake products.

If you are automobile parts producer, supplier or related to industry that uses friction material, you might be looking for a high performance adhesive. Conact us for more details.