Brakeshoe Bonding

Brake shoe bonding is the process in which moulded brake lining or friction material is bonded to the conventional steel brake shoe or pad supported by a liquid bonding or adhesive material applied to the lining and a strip of adhesive material.

Taj Motor Store's ample experience in brake shoe bonding is spanned over decades. It is one of the major services that we provide using our high quality bonding adhesive material. The bond is strong enough to stay intact and perform under high temperatures. Brake shoes, brake pads and disc of all vehicle types whether it be Motor Cycle, Car, Bus and Trucks along with industrial brakes are bonded efficiently and seamlessly.

If you are a vehicle producer or vendor to vehicle industry, you might be interested in having your brake shoe/pad metal bodies bonded with high quality friction material. This is where our state of the art services come in to play. Outsource the bonding process to us with your own brake lining/friction material and metal bodies or let us use competent friction material for you.

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