Brake Shoes / Brake Pads Relining

At Taj Motor Store we reline vast range of brake shoes and brake pads for a variety of vehicles and machinary. At our facility we can reline pairs or batches of brake shoes and brake pads. Our wide range of brake lining and material options make us ideal choice to enhance your braking system.

When the brake is applied, the brake shoe presses the brake lining or friction material agains the brake drum causing the production of friction which eventually provides braking phenomena between brake drum and brake shoe ultimately stopping the wheels.

Continous use of brakes causes brake lining on the brake shoe to wear out resulting in less effective brakes. If the brake shoes are not replaced or if the relining on the brake shoes is not done, brake system will not work and there are chances of collisions.

At Taj Motor Store, relining is done for all kinds of transport systems ranging from motor cycles to cars and buses to trucks.

Motor cycle resizing:

For motor cycles we have specialized equipment to resize the brake lining in order to perfectly fit brake shoes in the brake drum. Based on our in depth knowledge of relining we are capable to not only identify root causes that affect braking system but also propose handy solutions to rectify such issues.

Please contact us to discuss your brake shoe or pads relining requirements, we will strive to provide you optimal solution.